NUNZIO LOMBARDO - Italy/England/Germany


I first began developing my teaching in Italy and then lived in London for over 11 years, working as a performer in several West End productions. During this time I continued teaching Modern Jazz Dance. More than ever, I began to feel the need to pass my passion and knowledge on to pupils who would enjoy learning from my experiences in the vibrant world of dance..


My personal dance style evolved through my varied stage experiences in classical dance and West End musicals and is therefore based on ballet, as well as traditional contemporary and jazz techniques. I believe that technique is essential to master control of the body so that the dancing may be fully experienced in a way that prevents injury.

My classes consist of:

  • Relaxation
  • Warm-Up
  • Diagonals
  • Choreographies

"My Method prepares you physically as well as mentally
to master body control, dance technique and at the same time
experience emotional freedom within the dance.


The class begins with a short warmup. Afterwards we will work on the music, the steps, moves, and emotions. During the 10 days we will develop a whole piece of choreography together, which will include: individual dance, dance with partners and group elements. Nunzio will direct choreography, but independent choreography will also be created by the individual dancer. The course is perfectly suited to all levels, as each dancer will be given parts tailored to his/her level of expertise.


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