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SUMMER SPIRIT – breathe in – breathe out – dance

The main focus will be your own curiosity and awareness about yourself, your body, its movement impulses and its possibilities.

Participation in all the courses is included in the package price. Additional offers (see booking) are available as optional extras and can be booked in advance or during your stay.

taught by Eva

Give yourself a little adventure and experience your body anew with these exercises. Seven natural elements of spinal movement: forward, backward, left side, right side, left twist, right twist and circular, as well as all other joint articulation. This approach systematically and gently works the joints and muscles through rhythmic and undulating movements which stimulate the body’s internal organs. Different corresponding breathing patterns are integrated along with the movements.

Taught by Manuela

he practice of yoga has a profound effect on the mind and body. Correct breathing is the foundation of yoga, and together with the various yoga postures – the asanas – composes the basis of my classes. Breathing improves circulation of the blood, stimulates the metabolism and supports relaxation of the muscles.

Asanas are performed slowly, with the salutation to the sun forming an important part of yoga training. My classes place emphasis on the proper pelvis positions for forward and backward bending so that maximum benefit is derived from each session.

The yoga class is completed with a meditation, thus enhancing the sense of well-being and tranquility.

Private Class as Extra booking possible

Private Class as Extra booking possible




  • BOAT EXCURSION (min. 10 participants)

  • Many recreational opportunities are available directly in the resort and include tennis, beach volleyball, basketball, minigolf, kayak, windsurfing and padling.



Eva has studied and trained in various areas and forms of dance, movement and body work (e.g. Yoga, Butoh, Release Technique, Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, 5Rhythms®). 5Rhythms® has been created by Gabrielle Roth, and it consists of 5 individual rhythms FLOWING / STACCATO / CHAOS / LYRICAL / STILLNESS. The main focus will be your own curiosity and awareness about yourself, your body, its movement impulses and its possibilities of expression. “ We will be looking for the FUN of discovering the dancer in you – no matter where it has been hiding lately.“ 😉
Manuela is a qualified teacher of Chladek®-System, GYROTRONIC®Trainer, GYROKINESIS®Trainer and NuadThai-Practitioner. For a better understanding, GYROKINESIS® can be discribed as yoga with rotation. The GYROKINESIS® class will be completed by a relaxing yoga class. “When you are thankful for life, grateful for everything that surrounds you, it manifests in a certain kind of feeling in your body an expression towards life!“ (Juliu Horvath)


“SUMMER SPIRIT – breathe in – breathe out – dance” takes place from 14th until 21st September 2019.
Booking fee is including accommodation in double rooms with half board and participation in all courses. Places are limited.

Package (all courses + hotel)

7607 Days Stay

For those who prefer a single room, one may be available upon request at an additional rate. Bookings for accompanying persons are subject to availability and confirmation. Please contact us in advance for reservations. Arrangement of flight and transfer where needed.


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There are a number of options available to you depending on your preferred mode of travel. If you choose to fly, you may make your own arrangements or you can request that we organize your flight and transfer. Flights are available to Thessaloniki, Volos or Skiathos. Aegean Airlines and EasyJet fly daily into Thessaloniki. If you wish to have your own car available during your stay on the Pilion, overland travel through Croatia and Serbia is now possible again without difficulty. Many ferries operate between Italy and Greece, so you may decide to combine the convenience of your own car with the relaxation of a sea crossing.

There are no requirements. The courses are open to all, whether or not you have ever danced, acted or did Yoga, or are already a professional. Choose the courses you are interested in, just inform us of your dance level ability.

English and German. Our teachers are all multilingual.

We recommend light comfortable clothing. No special outfit required, T shirt and shorts will do. Footwear depends on taste, we recommend to dance in socks or barefoot. Some of you will have dancing shoes, but no black shoes please, they leave nasty marks on our dance floor. The apartments are all supplied with fresh bedding and towels twice a week. Please note that the next cash machine is 5 km away in Argalasti. Mosquito repellent is recommended.

The Hotel Restaurant Ambrosia offers International and Greek cuisine.The package prices include an abundant buffet breakfast and dinner. Next to the Hotel resort you’ll find the Café Casablanca, which with its Moroccan touch, contributes to the variety of available foods in the area.

Many recreational opportunities are available in the area and include a Diving School based in the Leda Resort, tennis, minigolf, mountain biking, kayak, windsurfing, cross country hiking and horse-riding. Your family is welcome, please contact us in advance for reservations.

Smaller and bigger supermarkets are available in Horton and Argalasti. Milina has a few nice Boutiques. A fruit/vegetable and clothing market takes place every Saturday in Argalasti and is worth a visit. Be sure to include a shopping day in Volos, a University city which impresses with its fantastic shops and cafes, and make it a point to enjoy a meal at one of the many wonderful waterfront tavernas.

The Café Casablanca run by the charismatic Marie France, who was born in Morocco and speaks fluent French, Greek and German, has been a popular meeting point with the locals for many years. There is also, the Iris bar at the Hotel. And there is the bigger village of Milina, where the night life starts around midnight and you can party happily until dawn. Taxis are available (not always at any time) at a cheap tarif.

There is free Wlan access to the Internet in the Leda Hotel.

PiSA – Pilion Summer Academy – is a non-profit organisation which has enjoyed twelve very successful years under the dynamic leadership of Petra Nowak. Petra continues in her role of director of the 13th Summer Workshops Program. Please direct all queries to her.

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